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Case Postale 2141

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Advice and studies

To date, the experience is sought in the various areas of IT such as:

  • Advisor
  • Experts
  • WEB Interface Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Analyst
  • DB Designer
  • GUI ergonomics specialist (Graphical User Interface)


  • Clarify the needs and formulate goals
  • Plan and budget IT resources as well as an overall solution
  • Initiate a cost / needs analysis
  • Analysis of systems and expertise
  • Judge objectively suppliers and offers and evaluate as needed
  • Help with decisions, acquisition of equipment (hardware, software and infrastructure)
  • Extension of systems, migration strategies (Internet / Intranet)
  • Portage systems on modern platforms
  • Integrate different systems, specify interfaces
  • Assess the economic, security and reliability factors
  • Assess ergonomy and acceptance of the final user
  • Evaluate the needs on training, documentation and quality
  • Tips for organizing measures for an optimal use of the IT

A professional job for professionals.