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Monitoring with MOBOTIX systems

The new models of double thermal cameras MOBOTIX M15D and S15D detect the movement of objects through the heat emitted by them and work well even in total darkness, bad weather and distance. At the same time, MOBOTIX thermal cameras are an asset because they also record the moving objects in the dark or behind bushes.

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surveillance 00

System for industrial and private applications

surveillance 03

-30° to +60° C

surveillance 01

Power Consumption
< 5 W

surveillance 04

Certified for continuous operation

surveillance 02

MxActivitySensor integrated motion analysis

surveillance 05

Economic and ecological

World premiere at ESSEN SECURITY 2014

  • The smallest MOBOTIX complete system of all time
  • The last panoramic imaging technology MOBOTIX
  • The new 5 megapixel camera has a light sensitivity 10-20 times
  • Image enhancement through the elimination of image noise by MxLEO
  • The double distancing PTZ cameras
  • massive reduction of false alarms in case of wind or bad weather
  • Simpler and more intuitive than ever
  • The "smartphone" wall
  • Twice safer in total darkness.
  • Reliable detection and identification of movement